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Quick and simple. Let your business grow with this smart and efficient tool Start using GLD today.

Amazing features for collectives!

Real time management

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory efficiently, keeping it strategically distributed by hubs and drivers. Monitor your numbers in real time, at any time.

Patient Management

Green Leaf Drivers will keep all of your patient’s data registered and organized, including preferences and medical information.

Analytics & Reports

Review your activity and make intelligent business decisions. Analyze your data visually in real time!

Fully Integrated

Your patients can get their Rec ID online for a special price.

Smart Delivery System

Based on complex algorithms, our software automatically calculates and creates delivery routes for each driver.

Real Time Communication

Green Leaf Drivers includes its own built-in messaging system and also allows users to make calls and send SMS without leaving the app.

Security Policies

We protect your data using modern security standards, including Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all your transactions.
Monitor your cannabusiness in real time and make smart decisions!

Our cloud-based technology will ensure 100% uptime so your business is always up and running.

Amazing features for drivers!

Smart distribution means guaranteed delivery in less time!

Optimized Delivery Routes

Green Leaf Drivers optimizes delivery routes based on locations and ensures the most efficient use of time and resources possible.

Ratings and Reviews

Drivers can rate and create reviews for each patient, improving your knowledge base and customer service.

Order History

Check the status of recent orders and view order history.

Take a break!

Drivers can take breaks and the system takes them into consideration for delivery route creation and ETA calculations.

Exclusive Built-in Card Reader

Make the payment process secure, quick and easy, by simply connecting our card reader to the driver’s phone.

Real Time Communication

Improve patient care and avoid inconveniences, letting dispatchers, drivers and patients stay connected.

Driver Inventory Management

Never run out of anything. Drivers can view their inventory at any time and GLD alerts the collective when drivers need refills.

Meet Up Mode

Set an exact delivery place based on the location provided by the patient.


ETAs are automatically calculated for each delivery.

Quick and simple. Let your business grow with this smart and efficient tool.

Amazing features for patients!

Your favorite strains ordered simple & delivered efficiently

Simple and Quick Orders

Patients can make donation orders in no time through an easy to use app or website.

Estimated Time of Arrival

The app provides each patient with an accurate estimated time of arrival of their donations.

Real time Communication

Patients can keep in touch with the driver assigned to their donation delivery through text mesages, calls or the Green Leaf Drivers messaging system.

Order History

The system keeps track of the patients order history, preferred products, favorite drivers, and more.

Ratings and Reviews

Patients can rate and write reviews for drivers as well as strains.

Multiple Addresses

Green Leaf Drivers can store multiple locations, letting easily choose where you want delivery made.

Personalized Deliveries

Patients can simply place their order and choose their default location for delivery, or they can choose their favorite driver, coordinate hand off at a specific time or ask for the order to be delivered to another place.

Order Tracking

Patients can track their order’s location.

Push Notifications and Alerts

Green Leaf Drivers sends notifications to patients letting them know drivers are on their way and also sends alerts when their Recommendation IDs have an upcoming expiration date.

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